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A well-designed logo builds trust and get’s people to stick around.


It tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and how that benefits them. It communicates to people with no prior knowledge or experience with your business that you do great work.

If your logo looks unprofessional, people will undoubtedly question how well you’re able to deliver your products and services. Have you ever hit the back button or chose one company over another simply because they look more legit? People make snap judgements and poor design makes people leave.


Cultivate a strong logo to stand out to consumers, ensure they remember your brand, and create positive associations with you. Logos have deep symbolic association connected to people’s memories and emotions.


Let’s take a quick look at Nike for example. The swoosh is just a swoosh. But, the connection we have to that symbol has everything to do with their vision of making the world a better place through running. That powerful idea defined their brand and their logo communicates that, empowering their business to thrive. Over time and with lots of consistent brand marketing, your logo should do the same for your business.


Invest in your logo design. It’s what matters most for increasing your credibility and pulling consumers in.


    • Logo
    • All editable formats for other designers 
    • Business card design
    • Social media profile picture 
    • 1 PNG version (no background)
    • 1 Jpeg picture (white or black background) 
    • 1 Embroidery version 
    • 1 Screenprinting version
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